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Find your biggest security risks with a website security audit

Discover your current risks and some quick wins to secure your website.

The web is filled with security products – are they needed for your website?

It’s hard to know which security measures you need without knowing your risks. We can audit your website security, identify your potential risks and suggest quick wins.

How our security audit works

Step 1: We walk through your website over a call

We’ll look through your website backend and hosting setup (if you have access) over a video call. This will allow us to research your security risks.

Step 2: We’ll prepare a security audit

We produce an audit to identify your current risks. We then identify quick wins to reduce your risks. We’ll then figure out the best solutions for your current website, hosting and plugin setup.

Step 3: We deliver your audit with quick wins

You’ll receive a security audit report for your website which outlines your current risks and quick wins.

Discover your website security risks

Our audit costs $97 and is completed within 14 days.