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WordPress security training delivered specifically for your business

Give your business a measurable security boost with a time-saving security course.

We’ve got a new approach to security training

Do you buy a course to get a few nuggets of useful information, or to transform the way your business operates?

Security courses are great at giving broad solutions, but will often leave you needing to research how to actually implement the solutions on your websites. Likewise, security audits are great for identifying security risks, but bog down your to-do list with intimidating jargon to research.

Our training combines the useful bits of audits and courses to give you quick, actionable guidance which works with your current tech stack.

How our training works

Step 1: We discuss your business setup

We’ll hold a call to discuss your current security concerns, take a look at your hosting setup, processes and a few sites. This will give us a good idea of your web design business.

Step 2: We do our homework

We carry out an audit to identify your current risks. We then identify quick wins to reduce your risks. We’ll then figure out the best solutions for your current website, hosting and plugin setup.

Step 3: We deliver personalised training

We’ll hold a call to explain our findings and suggestions, help you build more secure processes and walk you through our suggested fixes on a staging site of yours.

Transform your business security!

Our training costs $497 and is completed within 30 days.