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Software License Tracker

Get our free template to track your license renewals for hosting, plugins, themes and software!

Track your license renewals with a spreadsheet

I built this spreadsheet to track license renewal dates, plan my spending for the year, but also to save money on Black Friday!

Here’s my Black Friday tip: are you fed up with companies giving their best deals to new customers? Just sign up with a new account on Black Friday (or whenever they run a good deal). You’ll need to change the license keys over on your client sites though.

You’re welcome to make a copy of my Spreadsheet, or manually recreate it:

Software license tracker spreadsheet

Add renewal reminders to your calendar

Once you’ve listed all of your licenses, add the ones with an annual renewal to your calendar to get notified before they expire. Some plugins won’t update if your license expires, meaning you miss out on security updates.

Software renewal reminders in calendar