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Overcome your biggest web security challenges

Personalised WordPress security training and support for busy agency owners

Risk Buddi

Web security can get overwhelming

  • Do you dread the day a site gets hacked?
  • Do you ignore security alerts in the hope that they go away?
  • Are you unaware of the potential security risks on your sites?

You became a web designer to build awesome websites. WordPress is a great and incredibly flexible tool but often carries a bad reputation for security. We’re here to give you clear plans and recommendations to improve the security of your websites.

Stressed web designer

What makes us different?

Dan Cook - Founder

Dan Cook – Founder

I founded RiskBuddi to help agency owners tackle security issues with their WordPress websites.

I became interested in information security whilst studying Computer Science at university. Earlier in 2022, I realised this knowledge would be useful for other agency owners.

The aim of RiskBuddi is to provide unbiased support to agency owners which is focused towards their current risk profile.

We bring solutions, not problems!

Receive plans tailored to your business

Get relevant quick wins

Receive jargon-free explanations

Learn more about WordPress security

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